Cape Town’s bid story

The City of Cape Town's successful bid for World Design Capital 2014 was coordinated by the Cape Town Partnership, in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders and supporters.

Taking the World Design Capital 2014 to Design Indaba Expo 2012, and beyond

How can Cape Town, and South Africa, ensure that the World Design Capital 2014 transforms lives through design? Design Indaba Expo visitors are being invited to tell the project organisers what needs they have that can be met through design.

The World Design Capital 2014 stand at Design Indaba, designed by Xzibit, asks two things of visitors – to see excellent examples of how design can transform lives, and to communicate what design needs to solve for them.

An invitation to interact

A pencil and a post-it note comment can help direct the course of World Design Capital projects as visitors leave their suggestions stuck to the wall, for the careful consideration of the team behind the designation.

“A wall where people can leave post-it notes with their suggestions is great as it means that others can interact with your comment and build on it,” observes Rob Moody of Xzibit. “Part of our brief was to draw people to the stand, and hear from them. So we’ve flown a bulk head with a lit Perspex chandelier, to create a bit of drama and magnetism. At Design Indaba you must stand out from the crowd – and it’s a tough crowd. “And when visitors arrive we need to stop them in their tracks, and we hope that the 16 800 pencils which make up the stand will do just that.”

“The pencil and post-it note are both simply designed, but extremely effective. We’ve ordered 10 000 bright yellow post-it notes for when Cape Town comes to contribute their thoughts at the expo during the weekend.”

Get involved beyond Design Indaba

The modular design of the stand ensures that it can be transported easily. “We also had to ensure the life of the stand extended beyond Design Indaba. We’re looking towards 2014 so it’s important that we can dismantle it, take it on the road and build it multiple times.”

Even if you’re not able to visit the World Design Capital stand to leave your comment, get involved:

Email your name, organisation, contact information and details of how you’d like to be involved in World Design Capital 2014 – as a project, event, sponsor or volunteer – to the email address:

Follow the conversation and join in on Twitter via @CapeTown2014 and the #WDC2014 hashtag, as well as on Facebook through our fan page.

Answer the question in the comments field below: What does design need to solve for you?

Images courtesy of Xzibit, view the flickr photo stream